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We just arrived from Bien Urbain Festival in Besançon (France) and before to depart to Gdansk (Poland) for a new adventure, we want to share with you all the artworks we did there.

Thanks to The Festival
Progress  and final Photos by Naara Bahler and Elisa Murcia Artengo.


The people of Menyama in Papua New Guinea have a ritual that involves the bodies of their warriors. These ‘Aseki Smoked Bodies,’ as they’ve come to be called, are smoked for preservation purposes and then placed upon cliff faces so that they look down upon the village below. These bodies act as protectors of the village, constantly watching so that the locals feel safe. 

Ad Reinhardt: Art As Art.


40,000 people are now in front of the residence of the prime-minister in Japan. Protests are mainly focused on the government’s plans for military reforms, which would turn Japan back to fascism, back to being  a war mongering country. War should be against those in the palaces, they say. This signals a shift in the security policy, since it’s based on an interpretation of the constitution by the government as the cabinet alone having the right to adopt any change in the security policy.

People also protest against nukes, and capitalists’ exploitation of workers, “who are forced to overwork until they commit suicide”.  They plan to protest tomorrow too.


lootone: LOOTONE Artwork 2014 Size A4


lootoneLOOTONE Artwork 2014 Size A4